Dadu and Realisation

When realisation came to me, I was filled with joy and all fear departed from me.
I found pure deliverance in the realm of the unapproachable, the unthinkable.
The Unapproachable has come near, the message of the Unthinkable abides with me always, the Unutterable find utterance.
From separation I have come to Union.
The bonds of self are loosened, all error has fled, and the light of the Brahman shines upon my soul.

Dadu says: I am neither Hindu nor Muslim
I am not attached to any of the six philosophical schools.
I love the merciful God.

In cutting Brahma up into bits the sects have divided him.
Dadu says: abandon limited thought in favour of the unlimited and become non-sectarian [nipakh].

Dadu says: since I am non-sectarian, the people are all in anger against me.

I have found that God is unchangeable, immortal, fearless, self-existent,
Almighty, pure, unimaged, unseen, infinite and incomprehensible.
Worship is due to Him and Him alone.

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