Dadu and Sahaja

When by touching the touchstone we have become dispensers of happiness, the false idea that there are two will have been driven away.

O brother, we have become one, when, united in bewilderment (Mohan),
The true word has entered our minds. (refrain)

When we have found the secret of Malayagiri
All such errors as family and caste will have been driven away.

When the Hari-water has been found close by, then drop mixing with drop will have merged in Sahaja.

When all the various disparities and errors have vanished, says Dadu, one will be united within a single body.

[the Malayagiri is a range of mountains in western India]

Touching the touchstone avail yourself of gold (liberation), of the happiness-giving sahaja surati.
On the creeper of delusion hangs the fruits of sensuality.
Do not lose yourself on it, o friend!

O my mind, without Ram the body fades away,
When it returns to dust, tell me, what is there left to be done? (refrain)

As long as your body is healthy do not forget Him.
This wordly existence is like the parrot on the silkcotton tree.
Do not rejoice in it!

This is your opportunity: recognizing Jigjivan, comprehending, seeing Him you will obtain happiness.
Do not lose yourself in many different bodies!

Dadu says: Do not allow yourself to be beguiled!

[Jagjivan is the life-giving aspect of Vishnu]

Through samjami (yogic self-control) he will become one who always imparts sanctity, no impurity will stick to his soul.
The lotus (ie Sahasrara) of this person will bloom, the Brahma-knowledge will blossom.

Play in the sea of happiness and sins unlimited will disappear.
Become a pure being and unite with the Creator! (refrain)

To the passage of the inaccessible proceed, and unite real being with real being.
Approach the seat of the Guru and be absorbed in the house in the state of one liberated.

That man will worship, he will be engrossed in the play of love.
The Beautiful One shall be served in sahajaim; on Mount Kailasa the merging is performed.

No difference between night and day is visible, sahajai occurs spontaneously.
Dadu, behold his sight, o servant, addicted to this liquor!

Translations (slightly modified) from:
"Crossing the ocean of existence: Braj Bhasa religious poetry from Rajasthan: a reader" (Wiesbaden, Germany: Otto Harrassowitz, 1983)

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