Dadu and Sahaja -2

Where there is no two, there is Sahaja, there joy and sorrow become one.
Sahaj neither lives nor dies; it is the state of complete nirvana ...
Amidst all duality hold your consciousness in the vacuity of Sahaja,
and drink nectar when you have attained the final state of arrest
and then there is no fear of death or of the flux of time.

One's self is a tender plant wherin blooms the flower of Sahaja;
The true guru teaches how to achieve it in a natural way,
But very rare are the persons who can understand it.

Prana and pyanda [the vital breath and body], flesh and blood, ears and nose,
All play wonderful sport in Sahaja.

When consciousness reaches the Sahaja state, waves of duality vanish,
Hot and cold become the same, everything becomes one.

Come, says Dadu, let's go to that land where neither moon nor sun can go
Where neither night nor day can enter and all is merged in Sahaja.
[moon and sun, ie left and right channels of the subtle system]

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John Noyce said...

I would say that modern Sahaja Yoga teaches the essence of yoga as taught by Dadu.